Vincent is Back!

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As summer vacation starts, many of us will be traveling and visiting museums. When I worked at the Smithsonian, the galleries would stage big blockbuster exhibitions during the busy summer months. What are your summer holiday plans? Does it involve museum-going? I'm looking forward to visiting the Winslow Homers at [...]

More from England!

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As mentioned in my previous post, we were recently on a buying trip in Europe. The weather was glorious during our 10 days abroad. Though chilly, we had blue skies and periods of sunshine. On Portobello Road in London, this cherry tree (above photo) was putting on quite a show. [...]

Visiting Great Dixter

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Many thanks for your kind comments, emails and concerns re: Hurricane Sandy. We were very fortunate! Just debris and minor breakage in the garden, and some water damage at our shop. It's been a busy week sorting out the garden and shop, so I'd like to share a garden visit [...]

Swedish Gardens and Landscapes

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For a country with such a cold climate, Sweden offers surprisingly glorious gardens and unique landscapes. Cool summer temperatures and long hours of sunlight together with fertile soil help offset the short growing season. I discovered Sweden’s beautiful landscapes when we first traveled there in the mid 1990s. A short [...]

Country Life at Winterthur

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Why do I love Winterthur? Perhaps it’s the extraordinary collection of American decorative arts housed in the stately Du Pont home. Maybe it’s the bucolic setting in the picturesque Delaware Brandywine Valley. Or, the specimen trees, shrubs and rare plants on the estate’s naturalistic landscape. I would say all of [...]

Cothay Manor Gardens

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With spring now here in DC, I am reminded of a delightful garden visit last year. Cothay Manor, hidden in rural Somerset, England, dates to the 15th Cen. The 12 acres of gardens are divided into seven rooms by a central yew walk (hedges). Each enclosed garden room features a different theme: [...]

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