Castine Fall Foliage

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It's foliage season once again in New England. Maine, which is nearly half of New England and predominately forested, is ablaze with fall colors now. Maine's hilly terrain, red blueberry fields and water reflections all heighten nature's brilliant display. So go see the golden birches, fiery maples and scarlet oaks [...]

Our Summer + Guest Bedroom in Castine, Maine

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Hello, and welcome back ~Hope you've had a relaxing and fun summer. Didn't this season fly by? There is still plenty of good weather ahead, so let's not bid summer farewell just yet. I plan on enjoying a few garden walks in DC - Dumbarton Oaks and Hillwood are two [...]

Hermione in Castine, Maine

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It was an overcast, cool morning in Castine; typical Maine weather. But this was no typical morning at all. There was a buzz brewing beneath the calm throughout our seaside town. Welcome banners and festive flags lined the streets, punctuating this gray morning with pops of color. And down at [...]

Castine: Our Kitchen, Memorial Day And L’Hermione

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Though summer officially starts June 21st, it already feels like it with the long days. There is a sense of ease in the air. Traffic appears gentler, parking seems easier, and the ice cream truck is back in action :) I really look forward to these days, and try to squeeze [...]

Martha, Mary and More

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Tom and I have had a bit of excitement at the house. Our home and collections were photographed for Martha Stewart Living. Yes, indeed! Hence my absence from the blog - we were busy cleaning, scrubbing, waxing, and polishing everything. Just for Martha :) I want to thank photographer Helen [...]

Little Treasures

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Spring, we've been eagerly awaiting your return! Speaking of return, Tom and I are back from a buying trip abroad. There are antique mirrors, garden items, French paintings, Continental and Swedish furniture, decorative goods and a few surprises coming in April / May. So please start making room :) I [...]

The Blue Hill Fair: Summer’s Last Hurrah

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For over 100 years, Mainers and "people from away" (as the locals say) have all joined in the fun and festivities at the Blue Hill Fair held each Labor Day weekend. Tom and I went for the first time, and what did we find at this "Downeast" country fair? An [...]

Catching Up

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"Fairest of the months!  Ripe summer's queen  The hey-day of the year  With robes that gleam with sunny sheen  Sweet August doth appear."  ~ R. Combe Miller Well, hello! It's been a while. How did we get to mid August so quickly? Tom and I have been dividing our summer [...]

Welcome to Castine, Maine!

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Are we there, yet? Almost! Yes, the road to Castine is long and winding, but this coastal gem is worth the drive, a visit and certainly an extended stay. What makes Castine so special? Its rich 400-year-old history? Perhaps its idyllic peninsula setting situated on one of New England's deepest [...]

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