Summer House Tour

By |2019-05-29T17:18:55+00:00June 13th, 2017|Flowers, Instagram, Kitchens, Mora Clocks, Our Home|

Hello, there - Remember me? It's been too long! Tom and I are 95% finished with our renovation here in Maryland. We're almost done in Maine, too. The pace of the last ten months has been fast and furious. Let's back up to September 2016. We sold our historic house [...]

A DIY Chalkboard

By |2019-05-29T17:18:48+00:00October 5th, 2015|Art, Autumn, Blue and White, Design Projects, Kitchens, Mantels|

Ceane, my friend and client, and I were chatting about all the changes in her newly updated kitchen (the one I wrote about here), and what else was left for us to tackle. Artwork came up, and I knew we had to inject a pop of something bold, colorful and [...]

A Kitchen Makeover

By |2019-05-29T17:18:47+00:00September 8th, 2015|Design Projects, Kitchens, Paint Colors|

Wouldn't it be nice to start over with a new kitchen? How many of you want to custom design, gut and renovate your own kitchen? But not everyone can or wants to tackle such an enormous and, almost always, disruptive project. Sometimes a makeover makes more sense.When my clients, Ceane [...]

French Style Family Kitchen

By |2019-05-29T17:18:47+00:00July 13th, 2015|House Tours, Kitchens, Swedish Antiques|

Can a kitchen be beautiful yet practical? Sophisticated yet approachable? Neutral yet warm? Read on! Over the past few years, I've featured various house tours. One of my favorites and yours, according to the many pins from Pinterest, is Tracey's kitchen; you'll remember it shown here in 2012. Tracey, my dear friend and client, gutted [...]

Shades of Gray and White

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There is something soulful about a historic home. Who can resist gorgeous moldings, period mantels and other gracious architectural details like pillars, high ceilings, etc? And the patina, that only comes with time. I think many of us have walked past an older house, admired its personality, and even envisioned [...]

Our Home, Part 1

By |2019-05-29T17:18:39+00:00January 4th, 2015|Design Projects, Kitchens, Our Garden, Our Home, Swedish Antiques|

W E L C O M E    2 0 1 5  ~ A happy and healthy new year to all. I made just one resolution: to wake up early! For the record, I've already broken it :( Ohhhhhh, well! After the bustle of the holidays, this is the time to [...]

Our Basement Renovation

By |2019-05-29T17:18:37+00:00November 13th, 2014|Design Projects, Kitchens, Our Home, Paint Colors, Pillows, White Ironstone|

Basement...just that word itself is depressing! For many of us having basements, they are often times treated as low priorities on the decorating list. It ends up being relegated as a someday project. Well, that someday came for Tom and me. Since moving into our 1918 house back in 2007, [...]

A Collected Home

By |2019-05-29T17:18:25+00:00March 10th, 2014|Art, House Tours, Kitchens, Mantels, Swedish Antiques, Weather Vanes|

Step inside this historic Colonial house and you forget you are in Washington, DC. Studying the eclectic assemblage of art, books and furnishings, you are transported around the world through the centuries. Welcome to the home of Charlet and Steve! In addition to being friends and clients, they are also [...]

A Quick Hello!

By |2019-05-29T17:18:21+00:00October 21st, 2013|Kitchens, Our Home, Our Shop, Swedish Antiques, Topiary|

It's been a while, and I hope you are well! All good here, just a bit hectic and busy. Nothing monumental at this time. But, I may have exciting news in the near future - fingers crossed. That's all I can say for now. In the meantime, warm greetings to [...]

Morocco: Reflections…and a Kitchen

By |2019-05-29T17:18:07+00:00February 9th, 2013|Design Projects, Kitchens, Travels|

My interest in Morocco started when I was working at the Smithsonian Institution. Each day at lunch I'd quickly scarf down a sandwich, and then tour a particular museum gallery. On one outing, I discovered a world of Moroccan tilework rich with colors and complex geometric patterns not unlike a [...]

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