I love what houseplants do for our home and shop. They can cheer up any room, and bring life to them. When it is dreary and
cold outside, I especially appreciate the greenery inside.

With nighttime temperatures hovering around freezing,
all of our houseplants are now indoors. I’ll be picking up a few flowering cyclamens to join our myrtle topiaries, ivy and other houseplants. Cyclamens are long blooming, and make lovely host / hostess presents for the holidays.
I am thankful to you all for reading my blog. Have a Wonderful
 This is one of a pair of 7′ tall triple myrtle topiaries in our dining room.
 Myrtle topiaries in our little conservatory. The green glazed terra cotta water urn is from Provence (dates to early 1800s). To read more about our myrtles, go here.
 My friend Phyllis of Henhurst Interiors took the above photo when she visited in June. Thanks for the great photo, P!
I cut back this fancy leaf geranium a month prior to bringing inside….it had grown so large and leggy.
 There is a niche between two closets in a bedroom that is perfect for a low light plant like this Yellow Ripple ivy. BTW, because the space is so narrow, I went with a Roman shade rather than curtains. The shade is fabricated from an extra curtain panel from Restoration Hardware (Belgian linen, sand color).
 The ivy sits on an antique creamware fluted pedestal.
 Above is a large leaf Algerian ivy. Ivy plants should dry out between waterings.
 This topiary Duck Foot ivy is at our shop. Notice the miniature leaves.
 This kitchen sink in our shop is perfect for watering plants.
 Pair of triple myrtle tops from Snug Harbor Farm in Maine. See my post on SHF here.
 Doesn’t this variegated creeping fig look like it has a strand of “white hair?”
 Below is one of a pair of Maidenhair ferns in an antique French cast iron footed urn.
Cyclamen from last year.